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Make a change from the delay, clutter and inconvenience of paper statements with Wayne County Bank's revolutionary paperless eStatements. With this service, you can receive your statements and check images online via Online Banking. It's secure, fast and FREE!

  • Access to your last 18 months of account statements from anywhere with internet access - 24 hours a day
  • Print out and/or save your statements on your computer, or to a disk for later retrieval
  • Protect yourself against identity theft and eliminate the risk of your statement being stolen or delivered to the wrong address
  • Includes all of your check images
  • Enrollment is FREE and easy! Sign into Online Banking and click "Sign Up for E-Statements" under Services on left side menu options.

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eStatement Frequently Asked Questions

What are eStatements?

eStatements are an electronic version of your monthly account statement accessed through Madison County Bank's Online Banking. They look just like your paper statements, but you view them online.

Are my Statements and Checks available on Online Banking?

eStatements are available under the "Services" Tab on Online Banking.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

  • Log onto Online Banking
  • Go to Services-Sign Up For E-Statements
  • E-Statement Agreement will Display
  • Click "I Agree"
  • Select the Accounts you wish to receive eStatements on
  • You will receive a confirmation message
  • Click "Submit" if correct

Why do I need to provide my e-mail address to sign up?

We will notify you each time your eStatement becomes available. This notification is delivered to your e-mail address.

How do I enroll in Online Banking?

It's easy! Click the Online Banking link. Enroll using the Personal or Commercial Enrollment Form. Once enrolled in Online Banking, click here to sign up for eStatements.

What are the benefits of viewing monthly statements electronically instead of receiving them through the mail?

The benefits of eStatements include:

  • Convenience! You may view or print your eStatement any time you choose.
  • Simplicity! You will receive an e-mail when your eStatement is ready to view online.
  • Speed! You will receive your statement shortly after the end of your statement cycle, no waiting for the mail to arrive.
  • Security! Your eStatement will not be lost or stolen in the mail.
  • Eco-Friendly! Reduces paper waste.

Is there a monthly charge to access eStatements?

eStatements are FREE!

When will I be able to view my first statement electronically?

You will have access to the first eStatement generated on your account after you enroll.

How long will eStatements be available for viewing?

Your eStatement and check images are available for 18 months, starting with the first eStatement you receive after you enroll and going forward.

Are eStatements secure?

Yes, eStatements are accessed securely through Madison County Bank's Online Banking.
Your information is protected with the latest security features and requires Access ID and Password that only you know. Madison County Bank's eStatement program uses 128-bit Encryption security.

Can I print my eStatement?

Yes. If your computer has access to a printer, you may print any eStatement file by selecting the printer icon in the tool bar at the top of the page or choose the "File" menu in the upper-left hand corner of the screen and select "Print". You may print the entire statement or choose to print a specific page.

Can I save my eStatement?

Yes. You can save your eStatement to your computer or disk or flash drive.

How long will my eStatements be available for viewing?

Your eStatements and check images are available for 18 months. For your convenience, you may also choose to save your eStatements to your personal computer.

How will I be notified that a new eStatement is available for viewing?

After each statement cycle, Madison County Bank will send you an e-mail notification that your eStatement is ready.

Does my eStatement contain the same information as my paper statement?

Yes. Your eStatement contains the same information as your paper statements. The eStatement itself is a PDF version of your paper statement and looks exactly like the paper statements you're used to receiving in the mail.

Will monthly paper statements continue to be mailed to me?

When you elect to receive eStatements, you will no longer receive paper statements.

What accounts are eligible for eStatements?

The eStatements are currently available for all Madison County Bank Checking and Savings accounts.

If I don't receive an e-mail notification, does that mean my most recent eStatement is not available?

No. Your most current statement is always available to you, anytime you log in to your Online Banking account regardless of whether you receive an e-mail notification. If you don't receive an e-mail notification, you will need to:

  • Verify that you have supplied us with your correct e-mail address.
  • Verify that you have Madison County Bank added to your trusted sender's list.
  • Contact us for further assistance.

What if I can't access my eStatement online?

Please contact us for assistance if you are unable to access your eStatement online.

Call or e-mail Madison County Bank for more information. Phone (402) 286-4545 or e-mail